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Yakk Project Dashboard


As well as simplicity, a founding principal of Yakk is to eliminate the need to go hunting for information regarding your project. This is how the dashboard principle was born

The project dashboard shows you exactly what tasks have been assigned to each team member and what stage they are at: you can see if they have started, finished or are behind in their tasks. You can even get notified before they fall behind in the first place.

In addition you can see the overall status of the project from the Project Overview Summary (or donut if you prefer!) and a Gantt chart showing you each Milestone and the status of the Milestone too.

The obvious side-effect of the dashboard is that you don't need to generate a report as the dashboard updates in real-time... how great would it be to spend time actually working on your project   instead of spending hours generating reports?

Central File Library

Central File Library

Yakk features a central library for all your project files. You no longer need to email files and images around the team where they end up buried among the other emails the team have to deal with. You can just store them in the central library where everyone in the project has access.

The productivity benefits of this mean that users no longer have hunt through their email to find a file that they may or may not have, but it also cuts down on the amount of storage required since there will only ever be a single copy of each and every file in your project.

The library takes care of automatically versioning your files too meaning everyone sees the latest version of your files and only the latest version which brings consistency and simplicity to the management of the project.

Project Overview Summary

Easy to understand

Yakk was built from the ground up with some simple principles. One of which was to ensure that there was no learning curve required, just minimal familiarity. We use graphics to represent many things within Yakk, Project Overview Summary (affectionately called "The Donut") being one of them.

This methodology runs throughout the application meaning users can spend more time working on and managing their projects rather than attending training classes to learn how their tools are supposed to function.



One of the largest productivity-killers in the workplace is email: research has shown that up to 40% of an employees time is taken up with internal email that adds no business value. That's the equivalent of coming into work on Monday but not doing any actual work until Wednesday.

What if you could eliminate internal email? What if you could communicate within your project without sending a single email ever again?

The built-in messaging system allows you to do just that: no more emailing each other for status updates or a quick chat!

You can communicate in real-time with every member of the team at once, share files and even eliminate face-to-face meetings all within the application.

Your productivity won't know what hit it!

Additional Benefits

Real-time file collaboration

Real-time File Collaboration

Yakk enables you to collaborate in real-time on any files and documents in your library, giving you the ability to gain instant feedback.

The money and time-saving from this will allow your project to speed along and minimize time spent in meetings and eliminate needless email communication.



Within Yakk, notifications show you what tasks you have to do. Notifications provide reminders for task deadlines allowing you to concentrate on doing the required work and less on worrying when deadlines are due.

Notifications happen in real-time so when you are allocated a task, it appears immediately and you don't have to rifle through emails to find it.


See what everyone is working on

Want to see what everyone is working on? Yakk has that covered too.

Every allocated task is shown against the team member's name and, crucially, the date it's due. In addition, each task is colour-coded to show you the status, e.g. tasks show up in red when they are behind and blue when not started.

This simple system allows you to quickly see how a team-member is performing with individual tasks... no more chasing for email updates!


See your project's history

The Timeline lets you view everything that has happened in your project including who was assigned tasks and if/when they were completed. In addition you can see when documents were added to the library, when they were updated and so on.

This is your project governance, allowing you to look back to any point in the project and find out what happened, when it happened, and who did it.

Some Things You May Not Know About Yakk

Communication channels

You can create a communication channel for anything. As many as you like. You don't need to be part of a project. Anyone can create or join channels and communicate with everyone in your organization without having to send an email ever again.

Drag and Drop files

Files are shared by simply dragging and dropping. Each channel and project also has a button you can click to select a file to upload to Yakk.

New project

Creating a new project is done with a single click: type in the new name and description of the project and you're done. Easy!

New Channel

Creating a new channel is incredibly simple and is achieved with a single click. Type in a name and description and it's ready to go. Searching for a channel is just as easy.