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We love to talk. Gab. Chat. That’s what’s at the heart of Yakk: we believe in the power of the conversation.

It’s what moves people from strangers to acquaintances, and from acquaintances to friends. And, in the business world, it’s often what moves potential clients to paying customers. 

More and more people expect a personal touch from the brands they do business with. In fact, that kind of warmth is usually what turns paying customers into loyal paying customers.

When you have a physical storefront, it’s easy to engage. Your potential customers are right there, standing in your office –  of course you’re going to welcome them and see if they have any questions. You have the luxury of instantly building a rapport with that potential customer and increasing the chances of a sale.

But, that luxury doesn’t exist online. You can have a splashy, enticing page design and compelling content, but none of that guarantees that a web visitor will book a call or even sign up for your newsletter.

That’s where we come in. Our chatbox agents provide a warm, friendly, conversation-based moment of connection that generates meetings, calls, demos, emails — all of which add up to more sales conversions for you. 

At Yakk, we harness the power of everyday conversations to bring you more business.

Our founder

Michele K. Huffman, Co-founder & Certified Chatterbox

Michele started her career as a chatterbox in third grade, when she was asked to “stop chit-chatting and get back to work.” Since then, she’s become an expert communicator, honing her skills over decades of friendly conversations with just about anyone and everyone she meets.

Michele pivoted from her position as an award-winning university writing instructor to helping businesses big and small with their communications needs. She’s an STC-certified Technical communicator, and has a natural knack for connecting with people, due to prioritizing empathy and EQ in her approach to any situation, business or otherwise.


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