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Let our expert (& human) live chat sales team convert your website visitors into warm leads and house showings.

how it works

visitors come to your website

visitors come to your site just like they always do. Same old site, same old visitors.

our team chats them up

our expert sales agents get to know your product and engage with your visitors.

we turn visitors into warm leads

we convert visitors warm leads and house showings booked in your agents’ calendars.

do you know what $124 costs you?

the average cost per lead in 2020 was $124.

A site with just 1,000 visitors per month converting 1% less than its potential could be is missing out on $1,240 worth of leads every single month.

A site with 5,000 visitors per month could be missing out on $74,400 worth of leads per year.

Get your visitors to
take action

House showings.
Book house showings right in your calendar.

Warm email intros. Get 1:1 warm email introductions with interested visitors.

Contact info. Build a steady list of people looking for homes.

Ready to start converting visitors?


Usually! Chatbots are limited, and people usually don’t like talking to them. Real agents can exercise empathy, handle objections, answer questions on the fly, make jokes, and go the extra mile by doing things like introducing you to warm leads in personalized emails. It’s a real sales person doing real sales.

Coversational marketing is great for everyone, but it’s particularly good for real estate. People visiting real estate sites browse heavily and are often ready to take next steps.

We’re also modestly priced, so if we can help you sell just one additional $250,000 home over the course of a year, Yakk pays for itself and puts several thousand dollars in your pocket. And if you sell three or four houses — or one extra house per month — well… you get the idea.

Yes! Our team is 100% U.S.-based and knows real estate.

We do set up automations to handle visitors if our staff is on break or off for the day, but aside from that, when a visitor lands on your site, they’ll be greeted by a real person.

More than that, they’ll be greeted by a real person who has been trained in your specific product and your specific conversion points.

First, we aren’t just chat slaes experts, we’re real estate chat sales experts. We know what kinds of questions people ask, and we know what buying journeys look like.

However, we also have an extensive onboarding phase that will help us learn about your specific business. We’ll use this to create a living wiki (for our internal use only) for your business that we can update and add to over time.

While we think there is significant value in simply having a real person on your site to greet your visitors, we believe you should mostly pay for the leads we generate.

To that end, we charge $897/mo as a flat fee + a small commission for leads generated. You can set your own conversion points, but in general, we’ll only charge you when we book a house showing or introduce an interested buyer  via email.

Currently, our prices for commission are:

  • $37 for each sales house showing booked
  • $17 for each warm email introduction with an interested prospect

What are people saying?

Eric Martin, Marketing Manager
Eric Martin, Marketing Manager
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“Yakk is absolutely indespensible. Our sales team has all the leads they need.”
Jane Lori, Director of Customer Acquisition
Jane Lori, Director of Customer Acquisition
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"It's like having a whole sales team in house. They know our product, and they know our customers."
Scott Trudot, VP Marketing & Sales
Scott Trudot, VP Marketing & Sales
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"...with a (mostly) pay-for-performance model, it's super easy to justify. It just makes money."

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