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Yakk is the only real-time organization tool that securely manages all your projects simultaneously while streamlining team communication and collaboration allowing you to eliminate internal email.

All your projects at once

All Your Projects At Once

Yakk shows you a single real-time view of all your projects: It doesn't matter if you are a Project Manager or just a contributor, anyone can see the status of all projects they are involved with from a single screen, all without generating a single report.
Real-time project status

Real-Time Project Status

See exactly what the entire project team is up to. Including what tasks they have started, what tasks are complete and most importantly what tasks are behind schedule. You can keep track of all milestones from the same dashboard and access all areas of the project with a single click.
Real-time collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration

Never send another internal email again!

Yakk features a powerful communication and collaboration engine that allows your entire team to collaborate in real-time no matter where they are located. You can even collaborate in real-time on documents you have stored in the central project library.

The days of unnecessary emails are numbered!

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  No more emails
  View all projects
  Real-time dashboard
  Instantaneous searching
  Real-time file collaboration
  No more reports
  Real-time project communication
  Single file repository
  Real-time team task status

More features & benefits